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History has been shaped and influenced by the out come of ancient trials—such as the Trial of Socrates in 399B.C.—to Rosenberg Trial in the 1950s. This site offers a comprehensive look at 50 prominent court trials throughout history and its resources can be used to give young learners an introduction to the history of the modern judicial system.


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First American West: The Ohio River Valley, 1750-1820
Image, First American West: The Ohio River Valley 1750-1820.

Explore sources from the mid-18th-to-early-19th-century European migration [...] »

Emma Spaulding Bryant Letters
Letter, August 6, 1873, Emma Spaulding Bryant, Duke University

Explore husband-wife relationships through this late 19th century series of [...] »

Medicine in the Americas, 1619-1914
Poster, Ayer's pills. Best family medicine, 1895-1917, New York Public Library

Access works on medicine and health by Clara Barton, Benjamin Coleman, [...] »

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Presidents Day: Growing Up to Be President

Even American presidents were babies once!

[...] »
Women's History Month: Picturing Pocahontas

What do you picture when you hear her name?

[...] »
First Ladies' Firsts

What about the other occupants of the White House?

[...] »

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Panic of 1873
Panic as a Health Officer Cleaning the Streets

Beginning in Europe, the Panic of 1873 quickly spread to the United States [...] »

20th-century Jewish Immigration
Dry plate negative, approx. 1920-1930, Jewish colonies and settlements, LOC

Divided into two waves of immigration by textbooks, the continuity of [...] »

Rise of the Automobile
Photo, Model A Ford in front of antique gas pumps, August 4, 2007, Flickr

Americans today take cars for granted. How did they change American life? [...] »

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National Atlas

Explore maps that enable you to better understand the country that you live [...] »

U.S. Coast Guard
Art, Auxliarist, Lew Jackson, U.S. Coast Guard

Who protects U.S. interests in international and domestic waters?

[...] »
U.S. Marine Corps

Why are the Marines known as "America's 911 Force"? Explore this division of [...] »

Ask a Historian

Jefferson versus Hamilton
Democratic reformers in search of a head, Currier and Ives print, 1876

Their differing philosophies of government set the stage for the permanent [...] »